We champion, collaborate with, and create opportunities for adversely affected communities, women, and more particularly the girl child.

Our Mission

MTAR (501 (c)3 status pending) is focused on specifically creating sustainable ventures and initiatives that reach marginalized populations, primarily Women and the Girl child. We seek to encourage human development through education, social advocacy, and empowerment.

Behind Our Name 

The name More Than A Refugee was chosen because I was born into this world as a documented refugee, and I became familiar with the plight of marginalized populations due to my own personal journey. I realized that it was the label refugee that often taunted me, and kept me from seeing myself as being more than what I was initially labeled at birth.
— Valeriana Chikoti-Bandua, Founder & CEO of MTAR

OUR 2017 Goals

  1. SERVE local communities several times a month through our 3 main initiatives
  2. COLLABORATE & partner with individuals & institutions addressing local/global issues
  3. DESIGN + sell merchandise that sustains the long-term welfare of MTAR
  4. RAISE enough capital to prepare for our first humanitarian trip abroad