Let us Learn

Let us Learn

An Education Initiative designed to create a platform of learning through short interactive workshops, training, and programs that address the creation of tangible solutions that assist in the livelihood of those in our communities. 


Taboo No More

A Social Awareness Initiative designed to address and confront hard-hitting subject matter that affects the livelihood of those who are living in seriously adverse conditions. This component seeks to bring to light often difficult subject matter through storytelling and social media projects that will allow the general public to be made aware of the struggles yet also the resilience of those in our communities who face serious battles.


Tilted Crowns

An Empowerment Initiative created to highlight and share the stories of individuals within our global community who are striving to remain resilient, despite the blaring challenges that negate their day-to-day lives.MTAR seeks to not just highlight their plight, but also celebrate their uniqueness and value to those within their sphere of influence.